Meeting Minutes – 28th February 2014

Old Anandians’ Group of 99 – Meeting Minutes – 28th February 2014

Asanka Deshaptiya            AD

Isuru Fernando                   IF

Isuru Ponnamperuma      IP

Annual Event Plan

4th March – Opening of newly reconstructed Ananda Viharaya

Since it is an invitee only event, committee member Lasitha Rajakaruna was nominated to participate for the event on behalf of the “Old Anandians’ Group of 99”

9th March – “Anada Mithusara” @ Buddadasa Grounds , Battaramulla

AD will announce the names of the members who will represent the group for the cricket tournament scheduled for the day

All to wear the “Old Anandians’ Group of 99” official T-Shirt on the day.

4th ,5th & 6th April – Big Match Dates

Proposed to organize a joint Vehicle Rally with Nalada College 99 batch

Main OBA Annual General Meeting

All OBA members to be encourage in casting their votes for OUR representatives

  • Shaminda Samaraweera
  • Damith Kaldera
  • Shashika Ranasinghe
  • Chathuranga Ranasinghe

March and July – Water Purification Project

Feasibility Studies to be conducted on the above and report to be presented on end of March meeting

Water Purification Project Sub Committee formed

Annual Cricket Match

To Prepare a Project Plan and Present at the March Member Meeting

Welfare Activities to Ananda College

To identify areas to assist the School, Teachers or Brothers and present a report to March Member Meeting

School Welfare Activities Sub Committee formed

Membership Drive

  • Look at innovative ways to register new members (Who are currently in SL or Abroad)

Date of the next meeting

27th March 2014 @ Ananda College Premises

The Secretary,

Old Anandians Group of 99

Asanka Deshaptiya           0718 745574

Isuru Fernando                  0773 614422

Isuru Ponnamperuma      0773 623490


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