Main OBA Banquet – 24th November 2012 @ Cinnamon Grand

This year, the OBA dinner will be held on Saturday 24 November, at the Oak Room, Cinnamon Grand from 7.30p.

There is a great article, composed by Mr. Deva Rodrigo that sums up the details for this event.

While writing the Commemorative Journal a goldmine of information of historical interest was unearthed. The first OBA dinner was held in 1916 at the College Hall. Since the Olcott Hall construction was completed in 1914 it is safe to assume that it was the venue of the dinner held two years later. Fritz Kunz as the Principal would have been the ex-officio President of the Old Boys’ Association and it may have been one of his ideas to organize such an event. Kunz was a visionary and a resourceful American. He introduced the teaching of science at Ananda and most likely started the tradition of Old Boys’ Dinners.

Read the full article here : Ananda OBA Banquet 2012

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