125th Anniversary Anthem “Anadatha Paana”

A beautiful song/anthem called “Anadatha Paana” to pay homage to Ananda College on its125th Anniversary was initiated and created by the Old Anandians 97 Group with the help of other renowned Anandians in the music field. A song non the less beautiful to anandians as well as other listener was written by Nuwan Kumara Katugampola while the melody and production was done and coordinated by 97 group member Sahan Ranwala while music was directed by Ranga Dassanayake.

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You may also listen to and view the song on our School Anthems Page.

“Anadatha Paana” Summary :
Lyrics: Nuwan Kumara Katugampola (91 group)
Music: Sahan Ranwala (97 group)

Jagath Wickramasingha (85 group)
Madu Madhawa Aravinda (92 group)
Bhathiya Jayakodi (95 group)
Jananath Warakagoda (96 group)
Nimantha Heshan (97 group)
Isuru Jayarathna (97 group)
Kasun KalharaAkalanka Ganegama (2000 group)
Dumal Warnakulasooriya (2002 group)
Harshana Disanayaka, Sachith Anuththara (2010 group)

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